pulled pork nachos

Menu Planning 4 Jan 02020

Setting up our menu plan for the coming week makes shopping go smoother, and decreases the need to go back to the store during the week.

menu planning notes 4 Jan 02020
from the under-utilized Cooking Journal

It’s raining this morning, and I get a whole day off in the snuggle-weather with my Lovely Bride, and some Comfort Food is on our minds. We have some leftover meats in the fridge (Pulled Pork and Beef Tenderloin) which will be utilized in the menu selections this week.

She is going to be out of town on business Mon-Weds this week, so I’ll be on my own…probably sandwiches or some frozen pizza!

I’ll be coming back to this post to add links to the recipes I’m using for some of the main dishes, especially if I just whip them up from nothing. Otherwise they’ll likely be from the following cookbooks:

Nigel Slater – Notes from the Larder

Culinaria Spain

Mr Todiwala’s Spicebox


Lunch – Pulled Pork Nachos

pulled pork nachos

Dinner – Roast Beef Tenderloin, Celery Root Soup, Sourdough Bread, Fried Brussels Sprouts, Red Onion Pickle

Brazilian Churrasco Seasoning, Mint/Parsley/Cucumber Raita


Pulled Pork Enchiladas, Refritos, Guacamole, Black Olives, Crema, Corn Salsa


On my own…


On my own…


On my own…


Coconut Curry Chicken, Broccoli and Red Pepper Stir Fry, Mint/Parsley/Lime Raita


Farfalle and Meatballs with Red Sauce, Caesar Salad

Meatloaf mix with Parsley, Oyster Mushrooms, Egg, Breadcrumbs


Pork Tenderloin, Pipperada Omelet. Rice with Garlic & Parsley,  Seared Oyster Mushrooms (setas a la plancha)

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